The Positive Side of Fear

I have written about my insecurities and the need to embrace them and I’ve written blogs in regards to the things I need to work on in life that includes the inconsistencies that are holding me back or Chakra imbalances that even I as a healer need to work on.  I have questioned myself as a mother, a writer, and a healer.  I strongly feel that we let fear control us in one way or another.  I’ve never seen or saw a positive side to fear, until recently.

Two months ago, I got an infection in my knee.  This came about two weeks after my husband came home from working six months out-of-town.  He missed his family and wanted to be home on the daily with our kids, he was missing out on a lot.  I was so happy that he would be home because it was hard.  I was lonely, I missed him the kids missed him and I didn’t like feeling as if I was a single mom.  I had been there and done that.   I was fearful of what was happening without me when he was gone.  Which were only figments of my imagination, but those were nothing compared to his fears that would almost destroy us again after I got out of the hospital.

He would be taking a $1200.00 pay cut a month.  Which was fine by me. I was getting my husband back, the kids would see their dad and we could focus on our future.  A week into it, I suppose he started to feel stress when he realized how much of a cut would be coming out of our finances.  He tried not to mention it but seemed rather snappy.  We would argue about everything from the lack of attention I gave the house and some other stuff I didn’t agree with.  The bottom line was, he suddenly wanted me to get a job.  The way he went about it was all fear based.

I had been trying to build up a clientele for my healing business at an amazing Metaphysical store in Stevensville, MT.  I was doing readings and Reiki sessions.  I had begun this while he was out-of-town.  I was writing ideas for great blogs that I’d hope to inspire people and between healing, writing, and the kids…I was not going to have time for a real job.  I’m not a lazy person, I’ve worked hard all my life and now the things I wanted top priority in my life were going to be pushed to the back burner again.  What hurt the most was that his fear blinded him from seeing what I did do for our family.  All he saw was the lack of money in our life.  Arguing about finances wasn’t new to us, but it never made me feel on the defensive like it did at this time.

My fear, of not being able to do what I wanted was consuming.  I was angry at him and our situation.  The consistency on my writing was put on hold due to my frustration.  As the moon began to become full again with the Blue Moon and the Eclipse at the end of January,  fear of having to let go or postpone my path again really pissed me off.  I remember being outside thinking to myself, ‘If only he could know what I do if only he could see how valuable I am to this family.  I just wish he knew what it was to be me.’ At this point, I will suggest NEVER to wish anything along those lines.

As if the universe answered me, I woke up on February 1st with a very swollen knee.  I went to the urgent care, two trips to the ER and a followup with my actual Doctor.  It was my Doctor who rushed me off to the local orthopedic surgeon.  The next day, I had an emergency surgery for a very bad Staph infection.  As many of you may know, Staph is caused by bites or cuts in our bodies, from what I understand anyway.  I had none, it’s still a mystery.  I spent two weeks in the hospital, 1 week taking to many pills and another week recovering for the wrong amount of pills I took.  I was taking antidepressants with pain and sleeping pills.  I was a hot mess.

My husband was lovingly there during my surgery and my stay in the hospital.  But that first week home, he was once again consumed by fear.  He wanted to leave me,  but not for our current financial situation, but for my poor financial decisions while we were separated three freakin’ years ago.  All this happening while my over medicated mind was trying to wrap my head around what he was saying.  I don’t remember much about that week, but I do know…I was leaving.  I was going to the woman’s shelter and I was taking my kids.

Not expecting my reaction, he realized he was wrong and when I came out of my medicated daze, we talked about it.  We discussed his fear of not having enough and I  pointed out all the wonderful things we do have.  I told him my fears, I don’t want a mundane life of just working.  He pointed out where I was wrong, some things that I was too selfish to realize.  Having a job or even a part-time job didn’t mean I would have to give up my dreams.  My reluctance to work was frustrating to him, and it still continues to be a topic in our conversations, but not a fearful one.

Fear of not knowing or the dreadful possibilities of what may come can destroy a person or a relationship.  Facing that fear can open a door to a wide range of possibilities.  Life is scary whether you’re doing it alone or with another,  but overcoming the fear and letting life flow helps you to embrace your fears and learn from them.

I watched fear destroy my family’s business.  I have let fear hold me back and almost destroy my marriage.  This particular incident in my life made me fearful for my life and my direction.  I came out of it not wanting to be scared anymore.  Life is too short, don’t take little things for granted and that includes something like a knee and especially a husband and children.  Fear of losing your dreams because you have to take responsibility for those that are so important to you is just an excuse to not follow through with where you are going.

Discovering this for myself has been my positive side of fear.  When I did come out of my medicated daze in March, I realized my dreams were still there, I just might have to work a little harder and less selfish, and my husband,  well he did realize I do a lot to make our home function.  I still might have to get a job when I can walk again, but that’s o.k. Family First!!

With Lots of Love,

Elena, The Chakra Faery


My Husband is Awesome and supportive.  I asked before I put him on blast.  Thanks, Babe, I love you!!


Resolution to Write

“This business of being a writer is ultimately about asking yourself, how alive am I willing to be.”  ~~  Anne Lamott


A new year, a new you?  Isn’t that how the saying goes?  I have tons of things I could put down as my resolutions.  The one that I think is most important to me, is not to care about what others think.  This past year I wanted to write more and I did.  But then I got sidetracked and I wasn’t writing as much as I had wanted to and put it off until every few months I thought I had an idea worth writing about.

However the days, the weeks or months I didn’t write, I was having pretty good ideas, I just thought too much about what other people would think of them.  There were many times I would see thoughts similar to mine and in all actuality, all my life I would have an idea and then years later I would see it somewhere else. These were good ideas.  I spend time dwelling on the things I could have done and where would I be now, had I just followed my feelings.  But those were not meant for me, but there is something out there that I am born to manifest in this world and I can’t be afraid to be myself.

I can’t change any of it, but what I can change is the feeling of writing to impress others. I should know by now that doesn’t work for me. Great writers, write what they see and feel and not what they always think is accurate.  We all have different interpretations of how we see this world.  When an artist creates, they create what’s in their heart not what somebody tells them.  I want to be an artist with words and inspirations.  I want to create words that can bring healing to others.  This year, I began that journey and in 2018, I plan to step out further than I did in 2017.

Happy New Year!! Thanks to all the new connections!!

Blessings to All of You!!

Elena the Chakra Faery

Finding Balance: Family Roots

I don’t know if it’s the weather or being in the season of reflection and looking within.  It could also be that this time of year is a time spent with family or the fact that being so far from home has disconnected me from feeling that which ties us all together.  I have had a recent calling for this familial energy.

I wasn’t brought up with many family traditions that you pass down from generation to generation.  We played Loteria and had Tamales during the holidays, but we didn’t do a Day of the Dead tradition or Mexican Traditions held during the holidays, I guess what I’m trying to convey here is that I don’t know much about my culture.  I don’t know my exact lineages and suddenly this became very important to me.

Fortunately, I have a cousin that is very passionate about this information on family and where we come from.  I strongly feel that this is priceless information that everyone should take seriously,  I want to know more about my family and my culture.  I want to know more than just Mariachis and Mexican Food, It goes deeper than that.

I felt a shift today when I found out what Indigenous tribe I came from.  I felt a surge of empowerment when I come from a line of the warrior and spiritual people.  Its the indigenous side of me that has been tugging my heartstrings to go deeper.  To learn the old customs and ways of healing naturally.  To discover ancient traditions (not including human sacrifice), to learn the names of what these ancient ancestors believed in.  I feel like it’s a great mystery that I can’t wait to unravel.

I felt an inner strength and a part of my family tree grew stronger, its roots grew deeper into my foundation.  I learned that I am not only a healer by choice, but by heritage.  I want to know what might be forgotten if we don’t start talking about it, who are we as a family and would I know you if you walked into the room.

As a healer, I find myself looking for healing within.  Opening the door to Our Ancestors is an opening to a healthy Root Chakra.  It’s incredible the magical feeling, reading about people you will not know on this earthly plane.  It’s a map to discover more about who you are and where you come from.  I know that this is not a new or dynamic topic and something that many have already discovered, but take it as a reminder to take action and do the work and feel your connection to this time in your life.

Many Blessing to all of you, especially during the Holidays! Take the time to get to know each other. Merry Christmas, Blessed Yule, Happy Holidays and Feliz Navidad!!

Now is the Right Time!!

Between New Moons, Full Moons, Lunar Eclipses, and Solar Eclipses … energies are pulling us towards our path.  Right now, my beautiful state is on fire, and the world is facing a strong series of natural disasters and it makes you wonder, is this is Climate Control or The Rapture…either way and no matter what you believe it’s happening.  Whatever it is, it’s a call to action.

The call to action is to find your path and take it.  I didn’t even realize what was going on in the world because I steer away from media due to the lack of knowledge that is being represented in our country.  Our world is being severely attacked by mother nature and our president (not capitalized on purpose) is fighting with a man as crazy as he is.  It’s depressing.

But, what’s not depressing is I woke up this morning.  I fed the kids breakfast and was so happy to see them off to school and hearing them shout out how they will miss me and they love me and in that moment I realized that it’s all about the NOW!  When is that concept going to resonate with the rest of the world?  I’ve known it and tried to implement it into my life, but all the heartaches of the past were consuming me.

This moment has been coming for me, It’s been through tears,  releasing and working on my book.  Discovering what my truth is.  I forgot what my true passions and dreams were.  Working towards my personal goals and seeing them come to completion is only part of it.  My goals are not just to write, or practice Yoga, but to drop off the kids at school to their smiles and excitement to come home and hang out with me and watch movies and eat popcorn and read books about dragons.  That is a goal, that is my path to greatness, those moments… and this moment writing and living.  I feel an appreciation for this world that is now going through our greatest fears.

If we all take the time to say “Thank You!”  Thank you, Mother Goddess and Father God…whoever, when it’s all said and done, it really doesn’t matter.  Let’s appreciate our world now!  Forget the idiots running this world and threatening to destroy it with their nuclear weapons, it’s time to be humans that pray together and believe together and be happy together.  The sun will shine and the rain will come, but have faith in all you do at this moment! Follow your dreams now and forever, because it’s only the beginning. Every day is a blessing.

With Peace in My Heart!! Blessed Be,

Elena The Chakra Faery


Embracing Insecurity

We all have insecurities and some of us more than others.  Most of the time we let those insecurities rule our lives and keep us from living.  No, unfortunately, life is not as kind as we would like it to be and some people are really mean and some people really don’t care one way or the other.

All those people, don’t matter.  If you are insecure about your body, your looks, your financial situation…or whatever it is that keeps you from living, that is your insecurity and nobody else’s.  I’m going to ask that you try to embrace it, try to own it and then deal with it.

I will own that I am insecure about all the above things that I’ve mentioned.  I’ve been in relationships that made me feel not pretty enough, not thin enough and my kids make me insecure because I don’t have money to buy that toy that we saw at Kmart.  The funny thing about insecurities is that nobody pushes them on us, we take them upon ourselves and make them what they are.  And you know that we can make them pretty big.  They make us feel unhappy or unwanted or like a failure.

I’m sure it’s not my sons’ intention to make me feel that way when we can’t buy something or go to the pool on a nice day.  It’s not my husbands’ fault that I don’t understand the way a man’s mind works.  That I can’t wrap my head around things that some men find attractive and it has nothing to do with me.  He has never made me feel unattractive or unloved.  He’s never stepped out on me, but these are things that have made me insecure for a long time.  It wasn’t until one day, I realized it’s not about me.  I can’t control how other people think. Not even the people closest to me.  Just the way that they can’t control my mind.  We are all individuals, with our own thinking and our own feelings and we have to love others for who they are and they have to love us for who we are.  Life is made of choices, at any time if you feel insecure about anything you can walk away from it, you can make it go away.  Nothing is set in stone.

I could go on for days blaming other people for my insecurities but at the end of the day.  They are mine and mine alone.  I know it’s hard to embrace what hurts you, but how else can you heal them?  Healing takes place where there is love and intention for what needs be healed.  If your intention is to be healthy, then take action…what’s going to make you healthy.  If you want to write…write. Do the work.  Embrace what is there and heal it.

I’ve come to a point that if I like me If I take care of me and I don’t let the outside actions or thoughts of others bring me down, I can overcome my insecurities.  Battling Insecurities isn’t always just changing your mind and deciding that it’s not going to bother you anymore.  Battling insecurities is taking action, picking up a sword and fighting for your inner power and doing things that make you feel empowered.

You won’t write a book, waiting for the right computer to come along, that’s just an excuse because you let someone tell you that you can’t be a writer because you can’t handle rejection.  You won’t lose those unwanted pounds sitting on the couch eating a bag of chips and being depressed because you are too tired from all those carbs that you forget to go outside and live your life no matter what.  When you take action against those insecurities you start to make them go away and you get excited about life.

I was so insecure about myself, but I realized I had to get out and do things for my family. I embraced my insecurities, they were there, but so was my family.  I started doing things like field trips and volunteer work.  Next thing you know, I’m taking action on my health and making things happen in my life.  I’m walking streets I’ve never been and making new friends and embracing my path as a healer and a writer.

It doesn’t matter what I look like, but how I feel about myself.  It’s about letting go of the dream of who I want to be and being who I want to be.  I’m a Mama, a healer, and a writer.  I aspire to be a yoga teacher and a novelist and the best person I can be.  But for now, I’m aspiring to be me in the present in the potentiality of who I can still become.  Life changes and you have to roll with it and the people around you, but you don’t have to buy into what doesn’t resonate in making you whole.  Nobody will do it for you, you have to do it yourself.

It’s okay to love yourself and the parts you think you can’t.

Many Blessings,

Elena, Your Chakra Faery


Don’t Lose Your Cool

Many people have told me I have a nice disposition.  I’m a good person, I’m quiet and I’m a good friend.  These are things that I strive for.  I will keep my mouth shut if there is something bothering me, just so I don’t offend someone.  I want everyone to be happy, even if I’m not.  Even if I don’t agree with someone.

This is me generally, my children know that I can totally lose my s#@t.  They have seen it, and sometimes they take advantage of the fact that I will instantly feel bad about being a grumpy mom.  The grumpy mom could have been prevented if they just listened or did what they were supposed to.

How is it so easy to be real with the kids, and not truly rude people, that don’t have manners and are rude and impolite and have no respect?  For awhile, I will try my best to appease people and yet it won’t be what or when and instead of speaking out before things got out of hand…I wait…I wait until that person totally pisses me off and then I will let them know what’s been on mind.

Do I feel good about it? No, absolutely not.  I like being a good person, I like doing what I can when I can.  I put my family first and I yet, I will be nicer to the person who talks to me like a child rather than an adult.  I’ve come to the realization, I don’t respond well to being talked down to.  If someone has a lack of respect for me, then at some point, I’ll dish it back…and my cool is gone.  Which is super lame, because it’s not like they are caring about me or you if you have the same problem.

So, when do you lash back, without feeling guilty about it?  Oh, and I’m so vicious, I choose to defend myself and use exclamation marks.  But the point is, what good is it? What good is it to let someone force you to lose your cool.  I’m not trying to make anyone lose it…I’m just living my life, the best I can. If that’s an excuse well then that is a them problem and not a me problem.

I’m just getting to a point to where I am not a doormat, I am one person living the most positive life I can.  This life is the life we are living and being angry is not good for anything and throws that root chakra right into fight mode or flight, depending on how much cool someone loses.

I guess that the reason for this blog, is simple…pick your battles.  You can’t please everyone and you can try, but it’s not worth the smile that got wiped off your face over a text or a rude comment.  Stand your ground, don’t lose your sh%@ and smile and give it your all one day at a time.

Holding it together and Laughing to myself, after all, is said and done!!  I can be so dramatic.


Elena, The Chakra Faery

Matters of Manifestation

I truly feel that healing one’s soul is powered by their manifesting minds.  I know that some people don’t believe, and think it’s luck or a well-timed situation, but I can honestly say that I’ve been working on self-healing.  As a healer, who better to practice on than me.

The last few months, I’ve been working on stepping out of my bubble.  I began writing this blog, working on getting my home business up and running and getting myself out of the house.  This may not sound like much to you, but because of my self-consciousness, it was very hard for me to walk out the door.  I felt like the world was judging me.  I didn’t fit the mold of what I should look like as a healer, a mother or a wife.  I realized that I wasn’t taking care of myself or my inner thoughts of who I was.  I’m pretty sure it was my own identity crisis.

Getting me out of the house was huge, and finding clothes to wear and taking my children here and there and not hiding from who I was, well to say the least was exhausting.  I realized that I kept challenging myself.  As many of us are, we are our own worst enemies.  I don’t believe anyone was judging me and I stopped caring if they were because I had decided to put more of an effort into what I wanted from my life.  Basically, it was to just live, to get out there and do it.  It steered me briefly from my writing and although I thought about it often, I felt that there was more for me to experience and feel to write about my healing and how the Chakras and Spirituality effect our lives and how we live them.

After I wrote about each individual Chakra, I felt like I had to do and live what I was writing about.  I sat and visualized what it would be like to be that mom who takes her kids out on the weekend, and the mom who tries to stay healthy so that she is not too tired to do the things like hiking and chasing and getting out of the house.  I saw what I wanted, I began manifesting and suddenly we were making a little extra money to get out and do things, I started a healthy eating plan (I’m down 15 lbs FYI) and I’m spending time at the park and going on hikes.  I ended up getting a part-time job at our local museum, that requires me to go out and meet new people. Most importantly, I’m gaining self-confidence,  grounding myself and creating.

It all starts with who you see yourself as and who it is you are hiding.  Let your inner soul shine.  See yourself as the person you are meant to be and manifest the heck out of that person.  Next, on my manifestation list is writing and healing in my home business.  Manifesting the great healer that I know I am, but knowing that my clients will see me as a great healer as well.

It all starts with what you really want and when you really want it. You need to take action, determination, and perseverance to get it done.  You will be happy you did.

Enjoy Life!!

With All My Love,

Elena, The Chakra Faery



Follow Your Intuition

Last week I talked about the Ajna (third eye) Chakra being my favorite because it was the first Chakra I began to work with.  This is important people, this Chakra is crazy important because it works really hard to get your attention and sometimes we ignore it and then we really regret it.

When I purchased my first deck of Oracle cards, I didn’t realize that I would begin to recognize my intuition or gut instincts speaking out to me.  It has become too familiar a feeling for me after all these years to ignore it now.  Your intuition guides you through intense feelings, butterflies in your stomach, the pressure in your head and dreams of course.  Always pay attention to your dreams.  I recommend a dream journal.  If you are open-minded to the idea of using Oracle Cards, they are a wonderful asset to utilize while working with your intuition.

Your intuition has a lot of insight into what’s going on in your life.  It’s called the third eye for a reason.  Let’s say you go by day in and day out, and life is happening all around you, but you are too busy to see outside of your bubble.  Your intuition knows what’s up.  For example, your kid is trying to pull a fast one on you.  Where are you going? What are you doing?  These are questions you ask, am I right?  But something in their answer makes you stop and think.  It’s like your Ajana opens up like the eye of Sauron and you just know… “what?” you ask your child, where are you going? And then it’s like all of a sudden your child is speechless.  Words aren’t articulating with them.  Hmmm…good call Ajna.  Ajna is a great bull shit detector.

When was the last time, you had a feeling and did the opposite of what you knew you were supposed to do?  Did you think to yourself, “Damn, I should have listened to myself.” Or, you did listen to yourself and everything went completely wrong, but really it didn’t and something better happened?  Ajna will sometimes know what’s better for you and works with the universe to conspire to get you where you need to be. Either way, it’s best if you listen to your feelings.

Working with the Ajna also helps you to see what is really going on around you, in you and in the world.  Journal, use Oracle cards and honor your feelings.  These will make your Ajna Chakra very happy.  Guided Intuition is a gift we no longer need to afraid of.  So open your mind,  subscribe to an oracle page, do something outside of your bubble!

Here’s looking at you kid!!

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Love & Light,

Elena, The Chakra Faery

The Crown Chakra…Thousand Petal Lotus

Sahasrara or Crown Chakra is the final Chakra on our road to balance.  When we ride through all of our chakras, our destination is finding the spirit within us.  We often look outside of ourselves to find this spirit.  The common ground of our imbalances that I have witnessed for myself, is that we create them.  We are the monster under the bed, we are our own personal de-mentors sucking the joy, the positivity and the faith out of our system of balance.

With each Chakra you can find a connection to your crown chakra.  With your root chakra, you stay grounded here on the earthly plain, while still finding spiritual connections without getting lost in the clouds.  The Sacral Chakra allows you to take your sexuality and emotions to a spiritual level, without the dogma of the guilt that is brought upon us in mainstream religions.  The power of positivity that comes from the Solar Plexus, gives you the joy and confidence that a strong spiritual practice can bring into your life, the heart chakra is by far, the love and compassion that pours through you for yourself and others.  This leads to the door of your Crown Chakra.  The Throat Chakra allows you to speak your inner truth, the truth that is you and your authentic self, what you share to the world and your Ajna, the eye that allows you to see and recognize that the divine spirit is within you.

It is this combination that opens your crown chakra.  The violet energy of the crown flows through you and reflects the ancient knowledge that all of us hold inside.  Believing in yourself above all that you have been taught is a step closer to your own divinity.

Have you ever noticed that when you doubt yourself, you throw yourself down the spiral staircase of who you are?  I sometimes doubt my journey…and then I stop writing or I stop healing, because how can I be these things?  I haven’t been to college to be a writer or worked with an ancient shaman.  Yet, when I write, people enjoy my writing and when I work on clients they feel more open and are grateful for my help.  We have to inspire ourselves so we may inspire others to open themselves to their spirit.

There are so many spiritual truths in regards to the chakras, but I enjoy writing about my journey to these truths.  I had a hard time getting to this blog because I kept trying to define myself spiritually, but I realized I don’t need to.  You can find the fundamentals of the Chakras in many books, but how these fundamentals work for you are different from how they work for me.  We all have stories to share, and I choose to share mine here with you and inspire you to open up your chakras.  What are your stories?  You will find mine here and I hope they inspire you.



Elena, The Chakra Faery

Ajna the Third Eye Chakra

Ajna, which means between the eye brows is also the home of your 3rd eye Chakra.  As we get higher up the Chakra ladder we begin to become open more to the spiritual and mystical side of the Chakras.  However, the Ajna is your portal to your reality, the truth and what lies just beyond what we can actually see.

In each of these Chakra blogs I wanted to say, “oh! this is one of my favorite Chakras, or this one…”, but I can honestly say it is this one.  The reason for this  is because when I started my journey into metaphysics, I bought my first deck of oracle cards.  In reality, it was the first Chakra I began to recognize and begin to open.  It’s a curious thing your Ajna, which I prefer the Sanskrit name over the western name of our sixth chakra; for the reason it helps you to see and trust your intuition as well as open your eyes to the seen and unseen world around you.  We have been brought up to block this gift of our Chakra because it is considered baaaadddd…  but is it bad when you trust your gut feelings? Is it bad when the person you were just thinking about walks into the door?  Is it really bad when you think of a song and it comes on?  I say Noooooooo!  I say embrace your intuition and your vibes and open that eye!

There are also other dynamics of the Ajna Chakra.  And that includes how we see ourselves.  How we look at ourselves using our 3rd eye.  Just like the throat chakra, what we see we create.  This is why the Ajna is connected with law of attraction and visualization.  How do you see yourself now or in the future?  I see myself walking down the red carpet at the Oscars, I have been nominated for best original screenplay and my dress is green and I look healthy, vibrant and I’m radiating happiness.

I have witnessed this scene play out in my head a million times.  I’ve talked to Gerrard Butler. I haven’t visualized an actual win, but that’s not what is important.  It’s that I got there. This is possible.  This is the power of your 3rd eye.  Visualization and speaking about what you want and actually seeing it play out like a movie in your head, this is power! Positive dream come true power!

Your Ajna Chakra allows you during meditation to look inside yourself and reflect.  Your reflections mirror the person you are or who you want to be, whats going on in your life and the people you surround yourself with.  When your Ajna is blocked you have trouble seeing what’s going on around you and you have no real concept of reality.  You’re definitely not seeing the whole picture.

To begin working with the Ajna, tools like Oracle cards are great because they help you tap into that intuition.  Meditation is also a fundamental tool in working with the Ajna.  Even now, take a few deep breaths…in and out…nice and slow….repeat this 3 x’s.  Picture an Indigo haze of blue energy surrounding you.  Visualize this energy moving up your body and resting at the area of your 3rd eye.  Let’s take a few more of those breaths.  There is a ring of Indigo energy circling your head just around your Ajna chakra.  With your eyes closed, allow only the 3rd eye to open.  See the eye at the center of your brow opening and scanning what it is you truly need to see?  What is the truth in your reality?

I’ve come to realize that these are not so much lessons on the Chakras, but information and antidotes.  I realized that I love to write and tell stories and give actual visualizations on how your chakras work in real life.

Dream Big My Faery Friends!!

In Love & Light

Elena, The Chakra Faery