Most of the time, I find myself writing about the Root Chakra.  The reason for this is that I’m always focused on the security and safety of myself and my family.  This can be truly frustrating and put me in control freak mode.  It drives my loved ones crazy.

Then it dawned on me…that I do put a lot of focus there and I need to care for the healing of my other Chakras.  So today let’s focus on our Sacral Chakra.  When I first started working with the Chakras I felt awkward with this one.  All I picked up on at first was sexuality and being passionate and finding pleasure in life.  I couldn’t wrap my head around the “Taboo” of it all.  Need less to say, there is way more about this Chakra than Sexual energy.

Today I want to focus on the releasing of negative patterns associated with this Chakra. Here are a a list of the ones I feel everyone can relate to:

  • Addictions ~ food, drugs, alcohol and sex to name a few
  • insecurity
  • depression
  • fear
  • low self esteem

So, let’s be honest here.  Addiction is usually caused by the latter four negative patterns we face with a blockage in our Sacral Chakra, but how do we release these things to the universe? How do we feed these issues with new ideas and positives thoughts?  Look at your life, what type of energy surrounds you? Who are you surrounding yourself with, what type of people?  Are you doing what you love, are you doing something with your life that makes you feel passionate?  What are you afraid of? Stepping out of your box? What would it feel like to step out of those negative patterns?  Close your eyes and imagine your life, passionate life, positive life, happy life! How do you feel?

Making things happen in your life takes three “c’s”; I know you’ve heard that before.  Choose the life you want, commit to the life you want and create the life you want! These three C’s can help you.  It’s a simple but it’s hard to begin your practice. Once you do, I promise it gets easier.

Here is a Mantra to help you get started and feel free to change it to what would better serve your energy.

Today I choose to commit myself to create the life I’ve always wanted.  I choose to love myself and take pleasure in who I am and who I want to be. Today, I honor the sacred vessel that is me. (Sending you loving Reiki energy)selfloveforsacral

Blessings my Faery Friends!  Don’t forget to to drop me a line!

Elena, Your Chakra Faery



3 thoughts on “Choose, Commit & Create

  1. I don’t know much about chakras but it seems that I am very focused like you on the root chakra.
    the 3 c’s could make a nice daily checklist to see if the actions and habits fit into these themes for getting the life I want. thanks for sharing


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