Let’s go back to my first experience with Reiki.  I was studying fitness coaching at Santa Barbara Business college in Santa Maria, CA.  I’m pretty sure I was a having a bad day.

I went to school with a woman who worked at the bookstore in the mall, and I took a liking to her immediately.  We were talking about what ever was bothering me and she hugged me.  I don’t remember the reason I was upset, but I will always remember that hug.

It was like an un-explainable energy for me at the time.  It was comforting and sincere and I remember her hands just on my back and I could feel this energy just making me feel better, but wanting to cry at the same time.   She explained to me that she had given me Reiki and I wanted to know more about it.

This was 10 years ago.  She took me to my first Reiki healing session taught by a Franciscan Nun, who administered Reiki at the local hospital.  I was just fascinated by the calming energy that this woman possessed.

Calming, loving and magical that is why.  Reiki is a non-denomational tool that can be used to manifest a higher viberation into your life.  To help bring peace into your household and stillness to your soul.  When my kids were babies, I used to do Reiki to calm them down.  Reiki also aided me into a more mellow state were I could easily deal with stressful situations.

The further you study Reiki, you can benefit from managing anxiety, aiding in depression and it is said it can even assist in weight loss.  Something I have yet to try.  More importantly, if you are just beginning it can start with inner peace.

I am currently offering 3 people to study with me 1st Degree Reiki for FREE!  I believe in it, and I believe it can help with any of your self-healing needs.  So, if you are interested please visit my Facebook page or leave me a message below.

Many Blessings,

Elena, The Chakra Faery


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