How many times have you said… Today is the day I….and tomorrow I’m sidetracked by kids on vacation, unexpected visits etc.  And three weeks go by and Today is the day I…okay, I got this day 2, day 3 and….I had to take the kids to the dentist, clean the house, work on this or that.  Oh Man! So close!!

This blog is dedicated to the busy moms or dads, that have dreams and ambitions and health goals, but are major procrastinators.  We are not alone.  All last week I did not blog because my kids were on Easter Break…here is my excuse, “I can not concentrate with them.”  That sounds awful, doesn’t it?  I could have sent them outside, bargained with them, called a friend and asked, “Can you watch my kids for an hour or 10?”. You get the idea.

Procrastination, a dreamers worst enemy.  It took me over a year to revamp my work and my blog page and figure out my healing technique.  I’m so excited to do this but oh! the What Ifs.  My husband, he is an amazingly funny guy.  He’s super supportive, and one of his favorite things to tell me when I say “Well, What If?”  and his reply will be “If, If was a fifth we would all be drunk.”  Because it’s that damn “IF” that smacks us back down to our fear of rejection like some who drank to much and stumbles around like a blundering idiot and has to be smacked back into sobriety.

Something, I think I’ve known, but didn’t fully realize until yesterday, after a sweet friend of mine posted an awful (to me) picture on social media (to be fair she thought it was cute, I thought I had an Easter Egg under my shirt) I was devastated.  I’m a Chakra Healer, a Reiki Master…I love Yoga, but OMG! I am my worst critic.  I want to take care of everyone, but I procrastinate on myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shaming myself, but I procrastinate on my health.  On my goals and eating habits.  I’m sitting on the bed crying and my husband got so irritated with me.  “Your beautiful, stop saying mean things to yourself or nothing is going to change.”

Nothing will change if you doubt yourself.  If you make excuses for yourself. The universe hears you.  It doesn’t matter, who you are, what you’re doing if you have a million kids and animals and a horny husband…Do it! Do it! Do it! Make time, get up earlier.  Don’t wash the dishes, read a book that inspires you!  Just do it!  You are going to feel great about yourself.  And after you have started that work out routine, or the book you’re dying to start because these characters are about to give birth to themselves, or write a blog…the mess will still be there, but you will feel so good for doing you first.  You change the way you think and how you talk to yourself.

In conclusion, take some time to focus on that lower 3rd Chakra…our Solar Plexus.  The energy of our inner power, our self-esteem and our positive nature comes from the Solar Plexus, so by procrastinating on our life goals, we are creating blockages in this area.  Do what makes you feel great.  Whatever makes you do the happy dance!

TTFN!  I have characters to give birth to and dishes to wash (exercise has been done)!

With Love and Bright Yellow Sunshine,

Elena, the Chakra Faery

*Image from the book ‘You are a Badass, HOw to stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life’ by Jen Sincero  Great Freaking Book!!




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