For the first 10 years of my life, I was a practicing Catholic.  I was baptized by the two of the most Happy People and I did my First Holy Communion and was studying for my Confirmation.  Then that was it…we didn’t go anymore.  My parents didn’t like something about the church trying to take so much of your money and we just stopped going.  It wasn’t until after 9-11 that I went looking for a faith I can understand.

What I’m trying to get at here, is that I am a Spiritualist.  I married a Catholic man, who I strongly support his faith and I strongly support anyone’s faith that makes them good people.  I’m talking about the people who pray with you without judgement.  The people at the Food Banks and the Women & Men trying their hardest to create peace in the world.  We are in a time that has no room for judgement or superiority.  We are in a stand still of humans spiritual evolution.

Three paragraphs in, are you wondering what I’m getting at?  Ok, so I strongly feel that more than ever we need to become Warriors of the Light! I don’t care if you follow Jesus, Buddha, Allah or the Goddess with a million names, we must fight for this world, our world and our children’s world (all the same world).  We don’t have to grab brooms and pitchforks, we just need to join forces and pray to those that we follow for guidance, meditate and be still so we can hear what they are trying to tell us, what’s our next move for peace?

Prayer & Meditation is a powerful tool that helps connect us to the divine.  When we take our time to connect with the divine, we are opening up our Crown Chakra.  I worked on a client once, who was blocked spiritually.  I was doing a 21 minute Chakra Clearing when I got to the Crown Chakra, there was a giant pop, I flew back and she began crying.  I wasn’t really sure what happened, but she thanked me.  She said she hadn’t felt that in years, she hadn’t felt like she was open to spirit.  I feel like the majority of the world is spiritually blocked and with the rest of the spiritually open-minded praying and meditating in this troubling time that together we can slowly but surely work on bringing peace.

Stay Positive People, we need to! We have a lot of work ahead!!

In Love & Light,

Elena, The Chakra Faery


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