Facebook…a wonderful place to keep track of how your family is doing.  I see family more now than I did before Facebook.  I know how my cousins families doing, I can keep an eye on and stalk my daughters page to see how she’s doing.  I can sell my wares and send out positive energy.  But, as I’m scrollin’, I see things that I don’t want to see.  I will scroll back up and be like…”WTF”.

So, here is where Facebook is ugly, and it’s not Facebook itself…it’s the people.  I’m not going to get into politics or point fingers and jump on the my side is better than yours, because that would diminish my light as a healer.  Like I said yesterday,  we need more prayer and meditation.

I literally just finished posting yesterdays blog and I go to post it on Facebook…I was greatly disturbed. I literally heard in my head Darth Vadars voice. “Your lack of compassion is disturbing!”  We as a human species (as a whole) in the USA, are greatly lacking compassion.  People you wouldn’t think could say things or are excited about certain things going on in the world makes me sad.  I’m sure you are reading in between the lines and probably are aware of what I’m referring to, but again to not make this a political or judgmental blog, what are we to do when we have these full hearts and want world and inner peace?  I don’t know…do I unfriend them or do I ignore them.  I know the answer to that, but why does it affect me so much?  Am I alone here? I suppose it’s because of being an empath, I feel  resentments in their posts.  I could stay away from Facebook, but I’m a stay at home mom, I write blogs, sell products and run my business.  Facebook is my marketing tool.

I pondered my dilemma, because you never know when a positive message will help heal someone, or someone may reach out.  I don’t like the idea of blocking someone with different ideals than mine.  That’s kinda hypocritical, don’t you think? The only thing to do is disconnect from the drama…breathe it in and breathe out.  As my brother says “Not my Monkeys, Not my circus.”  I just have to be more compassionate.

Now here is the part where we talk about a Chakra.  Todays Chakra is none other than the heart Chakra.  Compassion comes from having an open and free-flowing heart Chakra, radiating bright green loving energy.  This energy radiates to those less fortunate than ourselves, those suffering in other countries all around the world.  Being compassionate doesn’t mean getting walked all over, it just means we feel for people.  We think before we talk, we care about people.  We want all people to thrive in the most positive way possible.  What we need more of in this day in age is compassion.

Why do you think Darth Vadar finally realizes what’s important to him?  COMPASSION for his son and daughter, and for peace! (Star Wars Nerd right here!)

Live a compassionate life, what you put out comes back to you!

May the Force Be With You,

Elena, The Chakra Faery


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