In 2005 I had a dream that I was going to learn about the Chakras from a man in India, the next day I discovered a book by Deepak Chopra.  I thought it was a sign.  I had studied the Chakras with another teacher who is fantastic and I learned a lot of tools to help with my healing modalities.  In 2011, I met my Reiki teacher from India.  It wasn’t Deepak, but I learned how to balance the Chakras, use Crystals and do past life healing. Now I feel ready to move forward as a Reiki Master Teacher and teach.

Let’s start with the basics.  Chakras, they are the fascinating vortexes that reside inside of  you, that help a Reiki Master like me, diagnose what’s going on in your body. There are 7 major Chakras and thousands of small Chakras through out our bodies, and there are other minor chakras that we can get into once we have more understanding of the Super 7.

When you see the classic pictures of Chakras they are symbolized by  circles or a lotus like symbol, but a Chakra in our body actually works as a vorteChakra Imagex. It’s a funneled energy that runs along our spleen and works with our endocrine system.  Although they can not be seen with the naked eye they are there etherally.

In Sanskrit, Chakra means spinning wheel.  The Chakras work as vital energy centers that spin and funnel their energy through out our bodies. When the energy of one of these funnels is blocked we become stagnant or have a dis-ease in that area of the body which ultimately can become a disease that affects us and causes illnes.  Each Chakra is associated with its own color.  The colors of the chakras carry their own healing  vibrations as well.  These colors can assist in keeping and maintaing our Chakras.

Join me for the next 7 days to learn more about your vital energy centers starting with our Root Chakra.  See you tomorrow and please post or comment any questions that you may have.

Brightest Blessings,

Elena, the Chakra Faery


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