“Passion is the bridge that takes you from pain to change.” ~ Frida Kahlo

I’ve mentioned before that I used to feel taboo when it came to the Sacral Chakra.  It was shrouded by sexuality and sensuality…things that made me so uncomfortable.  When I left California, I feel that I finally created security and stability in my Root Chakra.  Which is great, we’ve had a rough relationship. I felt that, it was okay for me to be open to healing the 2nd Chakra my Sacral.

I say that the Sacral Chakra or the Svadhisthana (sweetness) Chakra in Sanskrit, is mysterious for the reason she is shrouded in feminine energy.  She is the Yin to the Root Chakras Yang.  She is passion, sensuality, emotions and sexuality.  She is pleasure, she is our desire and our creative expression and I just can’t help but refer to her as a she because she is the divine feminine essence that radiates from any woman with a strong balanced Sacral Chakra.

The development  of our Sacral Chakra begins when we reach the ages of 7-14.  Like the Root Chakra, at ages 1-7  our life at these stages greatly affect our chakras.  During the Sacral Chakra stages of our lives, we are beginning to develop our personality and creativity.  We identify with who we are and who we want to be.

When I was in the 3rd grade, I already knew that I wanted to be a writer.  I was creating stories and making pictures books.  I even wrote a story in the 4th grade that my teacher took away and never gave back.  At the time I was writing stories, I also became a victim of being sexually molested by my babysitters son.  I was developing the promise of a future writer, but I also began my insecurity of what had happened to me.  These insecurities from an abused sacral chakra at a young age would deter my ability to set boundaries as an adult, would make me feel ashamed and hinder me from creating.  When I did create, I felt unworthy to continue, I needed to learn more and I became passive.  When I attract men that were emotionally abusive, even as a teenager.  I would be told  I was a dreamer and my head was in the clouds and I would believe them.  I put up with a lot of “stuff” from men.  Because as a victim, I felt I didn’t deserve better, because how could anyone really love someone who allowed themselves to touched in such away.

It took a lot of self-healing and a foundation in my Root Chakra that would allow me to really write again.  To finally let go of the feelings I had towards that experience.  I had to grow from the pain and allow myself to finally blossom.  I was able to not be as passive to the male energy, but utilize a healthy male energy within myself to set important boundaries.  I learned what was good and what wasn’t in my life.  I began to re-emerge myself as a writer and a healer.  I could suddenly feel the pulsating waters of my life flow freely opening up my imagination and re-assuring myself that now was the time.

The Sacral chakra is ruled by water and the moon.  Therefore it is the ebb & flow of our life and our emotions.  This is probably relevant to why some people connect sexuality with love.  When you choose a partner to have sexual activity with you are connecting with someone in the most intimate way possible, you are intertwining your souls, when it’s in a loving situation, you are creating a higher vibration.  A positive sexual drive creates an outlet of positive energy.  Just as creating and doing things that you feel passionate about creates the same outlet.

Passion, creativity and desire are all products of your Sacral Chakra.  A person with a healthy sacral chakra will tend to be highly creative and find fulfilment in their projects and their healthy desires.  An overstimulated Sacral Chakra, can result in unhealthy boundaries and addictions.  A blocked Sacral Chakra can create dis-ease in our kidneys and bladder, womb, ovaries or prostate.

The Sacral Chakra is symbolized by the color orange and is represented in the 6 petal lotus.  It is located in the area of our naval and genitals.  It is connected to our body by the testes, ovaries, digestive organs, kidneys, urinary tract, circulatory system, womb, ovaries and prostate.

Creating is always a process to self-healing, but finding healing outside yourself is also a good idea in most cases.  Getting to the bottom of what is creating imbalances in your Sacral Chakra will help you to find your inner flow and feel the energy to create and do things you are passionate about.

My hope is that sharing my story can help anyone relate to some concerns in their life that are created by issues with this fascinating Chakra.  With out the Sacral Chakra what would be point of existence.  We are a race of pleasure and touch, passion and excitement.  These are things that we utilize everyday.  It’s up to you to decide what you want to create in your life and make the necessary changes.  There is never a need to stay in a place that doesn’t resonate with your inner soul.

In love & Light,

Elena, The Chakra Faery



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