The Solar Plexus Chakra…this Chakra has to be one of my favorite to work with.  This is the Chakra where we carry our power center.  This Chakra lights us up like the sun lights up the sky.  So when we are full of joy, vibrating with positive energy or full of self-confidence, you are basking in the glow of your Solar Plexus.  This usually equates to great and positive success in your life.

In Sanskrit  the name for Solar Plexus is the Manipura Chakra,  which translates to Lustrous Gem.  It is located at the naval and the base of the sternum.  It serves the digestive area, solar plexus (hence the name) nerve plexus.  The Solar Plexus is represented by the color yellow and symbolized by the 10 petal lotus.

To me this is the happy chakra, when we are at our best…it’s in our stomach that we feel joy.  We have butterflies tingling with excitement, and when we are nervous or stressed we feel that in our stomach as well.  However, when we are not feeling good about ourselves or when we begin filling ourselves with self-doubt, then we begin to diminish that glow.  We let go of our aspirations, we tend to give up on our dreams.

One of my favorite meditations I would work on with a client for the Manipura Chakra, is to bring in a visualization of the Sun Flower.  I would ask them to take their deep breaths and begin to visualize that they were walking through a field of Sunflowers on a bright sunny day.  I asked them to pay attention to how they felt, the freedom, the solitude and to pay extra attention to the energy they felt in the area of their Solar Plexus.  If they could let go of their stress or worries in that field, they could do it anywhere.  They just had to close their eyes.

When we block our Solar Plexus, we tend to block our digestive system as well.   We have issues with our weight and definitely with our self-esteem.  I’ve recently been reading a book that I suggest for anyone with Solar Plexus issues, read ‘You Are A Bad Ass! How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life’ by Jen Sincero.   We often tend to self sabotage ourselves.  We are amazing creatures, and we can do great things, but we have to remind ourselves of that.  How many of you had the greatest idea only to begin to tell yourself,  that if you do that, people will laugh at you or judge you.  I guess, what I’m trying to say is to just  believe in yourself and what you are dreaming, and have the confidence to achieve it.  When you embrace that self-confidence, you are accepting who you are and you can live in your greatness.

It’s not always easy feeling balanced, we are human.  When you do have that feeling of confidence and joy, hold on to it and savor it, until it’s all you know.

Many Blessings My Faery Friends!

Elena, The Chakra Faery



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