The funny thing about hearts,  this is an organ that keeps us alive.  The heart is also a symbol of love,  love is also something we need to survive.  Love in all its forms; self-love, unconditional love, and true love.  Love makes the world go ’round.  I love when I hug my kids.  When I pull them in, and we are chest to chest and I can feel their little love energy.  I would have to say this is one of the greatest treasures that can help open a blocked heart chakra.  A hug from a child or a pet or someone you love that words can’t express, because they will be there for you and you for them.  The Heart Chakra is all about the giving and receiving of love without conditions.

Beautiful green and pink hues reflect the energy of our Heart Chakra and of course it’s located at the chest and heart area.  When we reflect love and compassion towards other people we are opening our Chakra to the fullest.  We care for people and we feel love for all around us.  I personally love loving the Anahata Chakra, even saying it makes my skin tingle with joy.  Having love in your life is beyond amazing and the effects of pure love is truly inspiring.

Unfortunately not everyday can be a rainbow of love, we have our bad days, our dark times, when we feel all the love around us diminishing.  I can’t implore to you enough, having self-love is all the love you need to start with.  It’s like the starter pack for opening your heart chakra.  When you love yourself,  when you feel deeply for yourself as well as anyone else, you will have an open heart chakra, and it will attract more love to you.  Like attracts like.  If not, if you choose to continue on a downward spiral, or allow the heartache take you down, you will create that dis-ease I’m always talking about.

I’ve seen a lot of people who have been hurt all their life and have developed cancers and congestions in the area of their heart.  When you get down to the root of the problem, you find stories of heartache.  I know that we can’t turn off our feelings, but we can recognize and move forward from a heartache and it’s as simple as loving yourself enough to know the boundaries of what’s in your heart and what you are willing to do to keep it open and healthy.

In closing, today My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary and it’s Beltane and I’m completely filled to the brim with love!  So I send this loving energy to all of you!  As the sun lights up our life in the days to come I hope you enjoy each day of it!

In Love & Light,

Elena, The Chakra Faery


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