“Your word can create the most beautiful dream, or your word can destroy everything around you.  Impeccability of the word only creates beauty, love and heaven on earth.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

I am a great fan of Don Miguel.  He is one of the first self-help writers I ever read.  I think I read ‘The Four Agreements’ in like 2 days.  This is a book that I think should be taught to kids there freshman year, Jr. High School even.  The reason I bring up this book in regards to the Throat Chakra, is because our words are like magic.  And, one of ‘The Four Agreements’, is to be Impeccable with Your Word.  To be impeccable with Your Word is to speak your truth and with integrity.

If we are not speaking our truth, or if we are not living up to our integrity this will create blocks in our life.  Our Throat Chakra manifests our words and our beliefs that we tell ourselves.

CZ6XjclWEAApE0qThis is one of my favorite memes..our words are like spells, we can create our atmosphere.  We can make it ugly and unpleasant or we can make it beautiful…just like the quote above.  We create our energy.  Why on earth do we continue to sabotage our reality.  For example, I am my own worst critic.  I will look in the mirror and just be like “ugh!”  Thoughts rolling through my head about my body or this or that.  I can be really mean to myself sometimes, but then I realize, if I keep saying these things to myself, they become my reality.  Things won’t change until we change our communications with self and others.

Think before you talk and throw energy out into the world.  The Throat Chakra can create a lot of pain and a lot of happiness.  I used to be a waitress.  Almost all my life and people can be very unpleasant when they are hungry.  One evening I was waiting on a woman, she was very abrupt and was starting to cast her nasty on me.  I was perturbed, but I decided, to change the energy, I noticed she had taken off her jacket and she was wearing a red blouse, well this brought out her red lipstick (which I love red lipstick).  Anyhow, I looked at her and said, “Red is definitely your color.” I smiled and sat down her drink.  She gave me the biggest smile and poof! Like magic, she was a happy customer.

Words have power.  Vishuddha, the Sanskrit pronunciation of the Throat Chakra is about communication, creativity and self-expression.  It is associated with the color blue/turquoise.  If you are having issues with your throat chakra, I would suggest a turquoise pendant close to the throat/neck area.  Also, always be honest with your feelings.  If you keep things inside you, you are not being impeccable to your self and to those around you.

Humans are creative people and we always have to be creating and expressing ourselves to feel balanced.  If you are feeling blocked, you are probably not expressing yourself…let it flow! Set your words free in a healthy manner. If you are unbalanced, you probably talk to much and you just need to think before you talk.

Keep it honest people, with yourself and with others.  Transmit a higher vibration in the world.  I have a friend and she is always telling her son to be kind…so be kind!  Sprinkle that kindness around like glitter!!

Have a beautiful day, and sorry for the delayed post, this week is busy and fun!!

Peace & Love,

Elena The Chakra Faery


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