Ajna, which means between the eye brows is also the home of your 3rd eye Chakra.  As we get higher up the Chakra ladder we begin to become open more to the spiritual and mystical side of the Chakras.  However, the Ajna is your portal to your reality, the truth and what lies just beyond what we can actually see.

In each of these Chakra blogs I wanted to say, “oh! this is one of my favorite Chakras, or this one…”, but I can honestly say it is this one.  The reason for this  is because when I started my journey into metaphysics, I bought my first deck of oracle cards.  In reality, it was the first Chakra I began to recognize and begin to open.  It’s a curious thing your Ajna, which I prefer the Sanskrit name over the western name of our sixth chakra; for the reason it helps you to see and trust your intuition as well as open your eyes to the seen and unseen world around you.  We have been brought up to block this gift of our Chakra because it is considered baaaadddd…  but is it bad when you trust your gut feelings? Is it bad when the person you were just thinking about walks into the door?  Is it really bad when you think of a song and it comes on?  I say Noooooooo!  I say embrace your intuition and your vibes and open that eye!

There are also other dynamics of the Ajna Chakra.  And that includes how we see ourselves.  How we look at ourselves using our 3rd eye.  Just like the throat chakra, what we see we create.  This is why the Ajna is connected with law of attraction and visualization.  How do you see yourself now or in the future?  I see myself walking down the red carpet at the Oscars, I have been nominated for best original screenplay and my dress is green and I look healthy, vibrant and I’m radiating happiness.

I have witnessed this scene play out in my head a million times.  I’ve talked to Gerrard Butler. I haven’t visualized an actual win, but that’s not what is important.  It’s that I got there. This is possible.  This is the power of your 3rd eye.  Visualization and speaking about what you want and actually seeing it play out like a movie in your head, this is power! Positive dream come true power!

Your Ajna Chakra allows you during meditation to look inside yourself and reflect.  Your reflections mirror the person you are or who you want to be, whats going on in your life and the people you surround yourself with.  When your Ajna is blocked you have trouble seeing what’s going on around you and you have no real concept of reality.  You’re definitely not seeing the whole picture.

To begin working with the Ajna, tools like Oracle cards are great because they help you tap into that intuition.  Meditation is also a fundamental tool in working with the Ajna.  Even now, take a few deep breaths…in and out…nice and slow….repeat this 3 x’s.  Picture an Indigo haze of blue energy surrounding you.  Visualize this energy moving up your body and resting at the area of your 3rd eye.  Let’s take a few more of those breaths.  There is a ring of Indigo energy circling your head just around your Ajna chakra.  With your eyes closed, allow only the 3rd eye to open.  See the eye at the center of your brow opening and scanning what it is you truly need to see?  What is the truth in your reality?

I’ve come to realize that these are not so much lessons on the Chakras, but information and antidotes.  I realized that I love to write and tell stories and give actual visualizations on how your chakras work in real life.

Dream Big My Faery Friends!!

In Love & Light

Elena, The Chakra Faery




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