Sahasrara or Crown Chakra is the final Chakra on our road to balance.  When we ride through all of our chakras, our destination is finding the spirit within us.  We often look outside of ourselves to find this spirit.  The common ground of our imbalances that I have witnessed for myself, is that we create them.  We are the monster under the bed, we are our own personal de-mentors sucking the joy, the positivity and the faith out of our system of balance.

With each Chakra you can find a connection to your crown chakra.  With your root chakra, you stay grounded here on the earthly plain, while still finding spiritual connections without getting lost in the clouds.  The Sacral Chakra allows you to take your sexuality and emotions to a spiritual level, without the dogma of the guilt that is brought upon us in mainstream religions.  The power of positivity that comes from the Solar Plexus, gives you the joy and confidence that a strong spiritual practice can bring into your life, the heart chakra is by far, the love and compassion that pours through you for yourself and others.  This leads to the door of your Crown Chakra.  The Throat Chakra allows you to speak your inner truth, the truth that is you and your authentic self, what you share to the world and your Ajna, the eye that allows you to see and recognize that the divine spirit is within you.

It is this combination that opens your crown chakra.  The violet energy of the crown flows through you and reflects the ancient knowledge that all of us hold inside.  Believing in yourself above all that you have been taught is a step closer to your own divinity.

Have you ever noticed that when you doubt yourself, you throw yourself down the spiral staircase of who you are?  I sometimes doubt my journey…and then I stop writing or I stop healing, because how can I be these things?  I haven’t been to college to be a writer or worked with an ancient shaman.  Yet, when I write, people enjoy my writing and when I work on clients they feel more open and are grateful for my help.  We have to inspire ourselves so we may inspire others to open themselves to their spirit.

There are so many spiritual truths in regards to the chakras, but I enjoy writing about my journey to these truths.  I had a hard time getting to this blog because I kept trying to define myself spiritually, but I realized I don’t need to.  You can find the fundamentals of the Chakras in many books, but how these fundamentals work for you are different from how they work for me.  We all have stories to share, and I choose to share mine here with you and inspire you to open up your chakras.  What are your stories?  You will find mine here and I hope they inspire you.



Elena, The Chakra Faery


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