I am a healer, I have been for the last 10 years…maybe even all my life.  Who knows?  I practice Reiki and I’m a Reiki Master Teacher.  I specialize in Past Life Reiki, Crystal Reiki and Faery Reiki ;)!  Did I mention I am also a Certified Fairyologist?  Yes! How awesome is that?

I practice distant healing, I have online Reiki classes and  practice from my home and I am blessed to be able to do something so meaningful for myself and others.  Reiki has brought ease into my life, has helped me when I can’t sleep, have anxiety, focus during meditation and it has helped me to see that though I’m not always perfect…I am the best me I can be.  Because I choose to live just for today.  I take it one day at a time.  This is what I want people to find from this page.  Some days it will seem like I write for you…some days it will be seem like… “what’s this chick on?”  either way, I hope to make you smile, laugh and maybe even cry just to help with that release.

If you are wondering why I choose to be a Chakra Faery instead of a Chakra Goddess, Queen or Guru…(because I know your were just dying to know), I love nature, I love writing, I love books and Mexican Food as well as healing and learning about the Chakras, but like a faery I am a free spirit.  I flutter from subject to subject, where ever my faery heart and mind want to venture to.  To me a Faery Goddess would be Anodea Judith or Cyndi Dale and my own beloved Constance Hart, would be a Chakra Queen/Guru. These are women, I look up to and aspire towards.  They are my motivators…they inspire me to do what I do.  You will hear a lot of these women in my blogs, because though I’ve never met Anodea or Cyndi personally, I work with them on a daily basis.  Constance however, is my Chakra practitioner Teacher and I learned Reiki from an awesome teacher from India ,Anurag Mathur.

I choose to learn something new every day.  There is magic in this world and as mundane as it may seem, I want to share my adventures and find it.  Let’s make this world a better place, let’s turn that anxiety into excitement for life, fear into a new adventure and despair into gratitude.

This is me…Elena, The Chakra Faery

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