Compassion People, Please!

Facebook…a wonderful place to keep track of how your family is doing.  I see family more now than I did before Facebook.  I know how my cousins families doing, I can keep an eye on and stalk my daughters page to see how she’s doing.  I can sell my wares and send out positive energy.  But, as I’m scrollin’, I see things that I don’t want to see.  I will scroll back up and be like…”WTF”.

So, here is where Facebook is ugly, and it’s not Facebook itself…it’s the people.  I’m not going to get into politics or point fingers and jump on the my side is better than yours, because that would diminish my light as a healer.  Like I said yesterday,  we need more prayer and meditation.

I literally just finished posting yesterdays blog and I go to post it on Facebook…I was greatly disturbed. I literally heard in my head Darth Vadars voice. “Your lack of compassion is disturbing!”  We as a human species (as a whole) in the USA, are greatly lacking compassion.  People you wouldn’t think could say things or are excited about certain things going on in the world makes me sad.  I’m sure you are reading in between the lines and probably are aware of what I’m referring to, but again to not make this a political or judgmental blog, what are we to do when we have these full hearts and want world and inner peace?  I don’t know…do I unfriend them or do I ignore them.  I know the answer to that, but why does it affect me so much?  Am I alone here? I suppose it’s because of being an empath, I feel  resentments in their posts.  I could stay away from Facebook, but I’m a stay at home mom, I write blogs, sell products and run my business.  Facebook is my marketing tool.

I pondered my dilemma, because you never know when a positive message will help heal someone, or someone may reach out.  I don’t like the idea of blocking someone with different ideals than mine.  That’s kinda hypocritical, don’t you think? The only thing to do is disconnect from the drama…breathe it in and breathe out.  As my brother says “Not my Monkeys, Not my circus.”  I just have to be more compassionate.

Now here is the part where we talk about a Chakra.  Todays Chakra is none other than the heart Chakra.  Compassion comes from having an open and free-flowing heart Chakra, radiating bright green loving energy.  This energy radiates to those less fortunate than ourselves, those suffering in other countries all around the world.  Being compassionate doesn’t mean getting walked all over, it just means we feel for people.  We think before we talk, we care about people.  We want all people to thrive in the most positive way possible.  What we need more of in this day in age is compassion.

Why do you think Darth Vadar finally realizes what’s important to him?  COMPASSION for his son and daughter, and for peace! (Star Wars Nerd right here!)

Live a compassionate life, what you put out comes back to you!

May the Force Be With You,

Elena, The Chakra Faery

A Call for Prayer & Meditation

For the first 10 years of my life, I was a practicing Catholic.  I was baptized by the two of the most Happy People and I did my First Holy Communion and was studying for my Confirmation.  Then that was it…we didn’t go anymore.  My parents didn’t like something about the church trying to take so much of your money and we just stopped going.  It wasn’t until after 9-11 that I went looking for a faith I can understand.

What I’m trying to get at here, is that I am a Spiritualist.  I married a Catholic man, who I strongly support his faith and I strongly support anyone’s faith that makes them good people.  I’m talking about the people who pray with you without judgement.  The people at the Food Banks and the Women & Men trying their hardest to create peace in the world.  We are in a time that has no room for judgement or superiority.  We are in a stand still of humans spiritual evolution.

Three paragraphs in, are you wondering what I’m getting at?  Ok, so I strongly feel that more than ever we need to become Warriors of the Light! I don’t care if you follow Jesus, Buddha, Allah or the Goddess with a million names, we must fight for this world, our world and our children’s world (all the same world).  We don’t have to grab brooms and pitchforks, we just need to join forces and pray to those that we follow for guidance, meditate and be still so we can hear what they are trying to tell us, what’s our next move for peace?

Prayer & Meditation is a powerful tool that helps connect us to the divine.  When we take our time to connect with the divine, we are opening up our Crown Chakra.  I worked on a client once, who was blocked spiritually.  I was doing a 21 minute Chakra Clearing when I got to the Crown Chakra, there was a giant pop, I flew back and she began crying.  I wasn’t really sure what happened, but she thanked me.  She said she hadn’t felt that in years, she hadn’t felt like she was open to spirit.  I feel like the majority of the world is spiritually blocked and with the rest of the spiritually open-minded praying and meditating in this troubling time that together we can slowly but surely work on bringing peace.

Stay Positive People, we need to! We have a lot of work ahead!!

In Love & Light,

Elena, The Chakra Faery

The Wait is Over?? Today is the day I…

How many times have you said… Today is the day I….and tomorrow I’m sidetracked by kids on vacation, unexpected visits etc.  And three weeks go by and Today is the day I…okay, I got this day 2, day 3 and….I had to take the kids to the dentist, clean the house, work on this or that.  Oh Man! So close!!

This blog is dedicated to the busy moms or dads, that have dreams and ambitions and health goals, but are major procrastinators.  We are not alone.  All last week I did not blog because my kids were on Easter Break…here is my excuse, “I can not concentrate with them.”  That sounds awful, doesn’t it?  I could have sent them outside, bargained with them, called a friend and asked, “Can you watch my kids for an hour or 10?”. You get the idea.

Procrastination, a dreamers worst enemy.  It took me over a year to revamp my work and my blog page and figure out my healing technique.  I’m so excited to do this but oh! the What Ifs.  My husband, he is an amazingly funny guy.  He’s super supportive, and one of his favorite things to tell me when I say “Well, What If?”  and his reply will be “If, If was a fifth we would all be drunk.”  Because it’s that damn “IF” that smacks us back down to our fear of rejection like some who drank to much and stumbles around like a blundering idiot and has to be smacked back into sobriety.

Something, I think I’ve known, but didn’t fully realize until yesterday, after a sweet friend of mine posted an awful (to me) picture on social media (to be fair she thought it was cute, I thought I had an Easter Egg under my shirt) I was devastated.  I’m a Chakra Healer, a Reiki Master…I love Yoga, but OMG! I am my worst critic.  I want to take care of everyone, but I procrastinate on myself.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not shaming myself, but I procrastinate on my health.  On my goals and eating habits.  I’m sitting on the bed crying and my husband got so irritated with me.  “Your beautiful, stop saying mean things to yourself or nothing is going to change.”

Nothing will change if you doubt yourself.  If you make excuses for yourself. The universe hears you.  It doesn’t matter, who you are, what you’re doing if you have a million kids and animals and a horny husband…Do it! Do it! Do it! Make time, get up earlier.  Don’t wash the dishes, read a book that inspires you!  Just do it!  You are going to feel great about yourself.  And after you have started that work out routine, or the book you’re dying to start because these characters are about to give birth to themselves, or write a blog…the mess will still be there, but you will feel so good for doing you first.  You change the way you think and how you talk to yourself.

In conclusion, take some time to focus on that lower 3rd Chakra…our Solar Plexus.  The energy of our inner power, our self-esteem and our positive nature comes from the Solar Plexus, so by procrastinating on our life goals, we are creating blockages in this area.  Do what makes you feel great.  Whatever makes you do the happy dance!

TTFN!  I have characters to give birth to and dishes to wash (exercise has been done)!

With Love and Bright Yellow Sunshine,

Elena, the Chakra Faery

*Image from the book ‘You are a Badass, HOw to stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living An Awesome Life’ by Jen Sincero  Great Freaking Book!!



Why Reiki?

Let’s go back to my first experience with Reiki.  I was studying fitness coaching at Santa Barbara Business college in Santa Maria, CA.  I’m pretty sure I was a having a bad day.

I went to school with a woman who worked at the bookstore in the mall, and I took a liking to her immediately.  We were talking about what ever was bothering me and she hugged me.  I don’t remember the reason I was upset, but I will always remember that hug.

It was like an un-explainable energy for me at the time.  It was comforting and sincere and I remember her hands just on my back and I could feel this energy just making me feel better, but wanting to cry at the same time.   She explained to me that she had given me Reiki and I wanted to know more about it.

This was 10 years ago.  She took me to my first Reiki healing session taught by a Franciscan Nun, who administered Reiki at the local hospital.  I was just fascinated by the calming energy that this woman possessed.

Calming, loving and magical that is why.  Reiki is a non-denomational tool that can be used to manifest a higher viberation into your life.  To help bring peace into your household and stillness to your soul.  When my kids were babies, I used to do Reiki to calm them down.  Reiki also aided me into a more mellow state were I could easily deal with stressful situations.

The further you study Reiki, you can benefit from managing anxiety, aiding in depression and it is said it can even assist in weight loss.  Something I have yet to try.  More importantly, if you are just beginning it can start with inner peace.

I am currently offering 3 people to study with me 1st Degree Reiki for FREE!  I believe in it, and I believe it can help with any of your self-healing needs.  So, if you are interested please visit my Facebook page or leave me a message below.

Many Blessings,

Elena, The Chakra Faery

Choose, Commit & Create

Most of the time, I find myself writing about the Root Chakra.  The reason for this is that I’m always focused on the security and safety of myself and my family.  This can be truly frustrating and put me in control freak mode.  It drives my loved ones crazy.

Then it dawned on me…that I do put a lot of focus there and I need to care for the healing of my other Chakras.  So today let’s focus on our Sacral Chakra.  When I first started working with the Chakras I felt awkward with this one.  All I picked up on at first was sexuality and being passionate and finding pleasure in life.  I couldn’t wrap my head around the “Taboo” of it all.  Need less to say, there is way more about this Chakra than Sexual energy.

Today I want to focus on the releasing of negative patterns associated with this Chakra. Here are a a list of the ones I feel everyone can relate to:

  • Addictions ~ food, drugs, alcohol and sex to name a few
  • insecurity
  • depression
  • fear
  • low self esteem

So, let’s be honest here.  Addiction is usually caused by the latter four negative patterns we face with a blockage in our Sacral Chakra, but how do we release these things to the universe? How do we feed these issues with new ideas and positives thoughts?  Look at your life, what type of energy surrounds you? Who are you surrounding yourself with, what type of people?  Are you doing what you love, are you doing something with your life that makes you feel passionate?  What are you afraid of? Stepping out of your box? What would it feel like to step out of those negative patterns?  Close your eyes and imagine your life, passionate life, positive life, happy life! How do you feel?

Making things happen in your life takes three “c’s”; I know you’ve heard that before.  Choose the life you want, commit to the life you want and create the life you want! These three C’s can help you.  It’s a simple but it’s hard to begin your practice. Once you do, I promise it gets easier.

Here is a Mantra to help you get started and feel free to change it to what would better serve your energy.

Today I choose to commit myself to create the life I’ve always wanted.  I choose to love myself and take pleasure in who I am and who I want to be. Today, I honor the sacred vessel that is me. (Sending you loving Reiki energy)selfloveforsacral

Blessings my Faery Friends!  Don’t forget to to drop me a line!

Elena, Your Chakra Faery


Jumping In…I am Great Enough!

For years, maybe up until I hit my head the other day on the cupboard door, I thought I wasn’t good enough.  I wasn’t smart enough to be a writer, I wasn’t as knowledgeable as all the healers out there and all this other crap that blocked my mind from awesomeness.   Do you ever feel that way?  Do you hold yourself back from all your possibilities ?  Well, I have for years…even when I had my own business, something always made me feel out of place.  Well, that something was me.  I questioned my actions, and let me tell you about my actions.  Let’s be perfectly honest here.  There was a time I drank like a fish, smoked like a train, carried self doubt about my appearance, I fought with my husband and I constantly felt like a victim.

These things didn’t stop me from being a good healer, I helped quite a few people.  What it did do was hold me back from being my true self and growing into a great healer.  Now, by no means am I suddenly a pristine overly meditated healer that only sees rainbows and unicorns (even though, I wish I could) I do enjoy a glass or two of wine and I still have the mouth only a sailor could love, but I finally realized I had to stop judging myself.

I jumped and planted my feet firmly to the ground and realized “YES!” This is me, this is who I am, I’m Fantastic and I’m Flawed and I’m F&$kin’ Fabulous!!  I love to spread healing and positive energy and I love to do it my way(for each individual, it should be the only way)!! I am a busy Mom, my kids are my most precious things to me. For years, I didn’t think I could be a good mom and try to do what I loved, taking time and energy for one or the other.  I was wrong!  Don’t do that to yourself or your children!  Be the most peaceful, loving and honest to yourself you, you can be! I promise, it will be less confusing for your family and you won’t be so cranky.

The moment I grounded myself to MY reality and I raised my hands in prayer to the Universe, it hit me.  My root chakra, it glowed a radiant red.  It started to harmonize with my Sacral Chakra, I became excited and passionate again.  Every day I feel it moving up and up through my Chakra system and every day since, I’ve become confident in my plans for my life!

Feet planted firmly on the ground, hands raised overhead and down to my chest in prayer position and I’m going to tell you; I AM GREAT Enough!  And you know what? So are YOU!!

Finding balance will always start at your root.  Don’t be afraid to grow!!

Brightest of Blessings!!

The Chakra Faery

P.S. – Drop me a message, or a question…something you might want to see in a future blog!  Just say hello!!